Hon­ey­moon murder

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Why is Helen Zille de­fend­ing our rain­bow nation in terms of the Anni De­wani slay­ing? Where are you Mr Pres­i­dent? This coun­try needs a leader to stand up against crime, poverty, hunger, lack of ed­u­ca­tion, health pro­vi­sion, and most im­por­tantly, a leader who leads. Please take a stand in our coun­try be­fore your legacy is worth noth­ing.

The most dis­turb­ing as­pect of the De­wani murder is how easy it was for the hus­band to al­legedly find three peo­ple will­ing to kill for R5 000 each. What does that say about our so­ci­ety?

‘Cabi­net con­demns de­spi­ca­ble murder’ – what a joke. They should work out why life is so cheap in South Africa and why for­eign­ers think that it’s easy to find a hit­man here.


Where are their pri­or­i­ties? The Na­tional Lot­tery is fund­ing a youth jam­boree at the ex­pense of so many des­per­ate and wor­thy char­i­ties. With the ANCYL the host I bet it will be one big John­nie Walker party. Cheers, Julius.

That’s it. l’m not buy­ing any more Lotto tick­ets. l’d rather stay poor than let the govern­ment waste money that should have gone to char­ity.

Ev­ery­one should boy­cott the Lotto un­til char­i­ties get much-needed funds.

Fund­ing of a youth congress by state and Lotto is im­moral. Why should the poor be fund­ing a huge party of no value to SA? I won­der if Zuma will show lead­er­ship and de­mand the event can­celled. If not, I hope the poor will hold the ANC ac­count­able.

Cuban con­nec­tion

Mil­lions of starv­ing, un­em­ployed ANC sup­port­ers have not even heard of Cuba yet their ANC govern­ment has just given this over­seas coun­try R1.1 bil­lion in fi­nan­cial aid. They have just lost my vote.

How many more in­sults and non­ser­vice de­liv­ery and un­em­ploy­ment are the poor go­ing to tol­er­ate be­fore they snap? Not long, is my guess. This money should have been used for up­lift­ment in South Africa – what a dis­grace. I hope the DA uses this tool in its elec­tion cam­paign.

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