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I’D LIKE to nom­i­nate the LG ad in which a girl “res­cues” her hys­ter­i­cal par­ents from a spi­der by smoth­er­ing it in shav­ing foam for the biggest Onion award you can spare.

As chair­man of the Spi­der Club of SA, I speak for my col­leagues and concerned mem­bers of the pub­lic who have con­tacted us; we are dis­gusted and ap­palled by this taste­less, ig­no­rant and en­vi­ron­men­tally in­sen­si­tive ad.

Since 1976 the club has worked tire­lessly to ed­u­cate the gen­eral pub­lic about peace­fully co-ex­ist­ing with arach­nids. This ad pro­motes the op­po­site – it en­cour­ages the pub­lic to tor­ture spi­ders to a pro­longed, un­pleas­ant death. Even if a spi­der were able to es­cape from the shav­ing foam, the resid­ual sticky foam would cer­tainly re­strict its mo­bil­ity, com­pro­mise its breath­ing and limit its sen­sory ca­pac­ity (block­ing its eyes and sen­sory or­gans). The spi­der would be con­demned to slow as­phyx­i­a­tion and/or star­va­tion.

The ob­scure dis­claimer that “No spi­ders were harmed” is even more mis­lead­ing – it could be mis­con­strued to mean that foam isn’t harm­ful to spi­ders.

In this, the In­ter­na­tional Year of Bio­di­ver­sity, it beg­gars be­lief that any­one could pro­duce, never mind broad­cast, this com­mer­cial. In a world where there is al­ready so much stu­pid­ity and cru­elty, the last thing we need is ad­ver­tis­ers sug­gest­ing it is clever and/or amus­ing.

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