Wik­iLeaks: in the end, truth must be told

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THE EX­PO­SURE of sen­si­tive ca­bles by Wik­iLeaks un­veils the ar­cane world of global diplo­macy. The dis­gorg­ing of so much sen­si­tive cor­re­spon­dence will dam­age global cred­i­bil­ity. The dam­age to diplo­macy is in­cal­cu­la­ble.

In spite of this, Wik­iLeaks has ex­posed the Peru­vian oil scan­dal of 2008, cor­rupt bank­ing prac­tices in Ice­land, an Ira­nian nu­clear ac­ci­dent, and hu­man rights vi­o­la­tions in China.

Wik­ileaks also re­leased doc­u­ments that showed milk pow­der com­pa­nies in China had found a way to make more profit from their prod­ucts by cut­ting the pro­tein of the milk pow­der through the use of shaved plas­tics.

The truth must be told. His­tory records that Galileo was jailed for say­ing pub­licly that plan­ets re­volve around the sun. The church apol­o­gised for the treat­ment of Galileo al­most 400 years later.

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