Away in a manger – the Christ­mas story told in a new way


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The Christ­mas story, adapted from Al­ida van Deven­ter’s book He Came From the Fa­ther. THERE was a young girl called Mary. She was only a teenager, but she had promised to marry Joseph, the hus­band her par­ents had cho­sen for her.

One day God sent the an­gel Gabriel to Mary. She was very sur­prised to see him.

He told her she was go­ing to have a baby and she was to call him Je­sus. Gabriel said Je­sus would be the son of God.

Mary said: “How is this pos­si­ble?” But Gabriel said noth­ing was im­pos­si­ble with God.

Joseph was also sur­prised at the mes­sage the an­gel had brought to Mary, and won­dered if he should marry her. But an an­gel came to him in a dream and said he should still marry Mary.

At that time the Ro­mans de­cided to count ev­ery­one in their em­pire, and ev­ery­one had to go to their home town to have their names writ­ten down. So Mary and Joseph went off to Beth­le­hem, where Joseph came from, and while they were there, Mary’s baby was born.

They had hoped to stay in an inn, but it was full, so the baby was born in a sta­ble, and put in a manger filled with straw to rest.

About that time shep­herds in the fields nearby were amazed when an an­gel ap­peared to them in a bright light. He told them not to be afraid, for he had good news.

“To­day in the town of David, a Saviour has been born. You will find him wrapped in cloths and ly­ing in a manger.”

The ex­cited shep­herds went to Beth­le­hem to find the baby.

Some time later wise men from the East came to Jerusalem, which was not far from Beth­le­hem, ask­ing about the baby who had been born to be king of the Jews.

“We saw his star in the East and have come to wor­ship him.”

Herod, who was king of the Jews at the time, was up­set at this news. He asked the wise men to find the baby and tell him where Je­sus was, so that he could wor­ship him too.

But he was ly­ing – Herod wanted to kill the baby, be­cause he didn’t want a ri­val.

Of course what Herod didn’t un­der­stand was that Je­sus would never be that kind of king.

The wise men went on to Beth­le­hem and found the fam­ily. They gave Je­sus gifts – gold, in­cense and myrrh. Then God warned them in a dream not to go back to Herod, so they went home a dif­fer­ent way.

Je­sus grew up work­ing with Joseph, who was a car­pen­ter. Later he went on to preach the Gospel, teach­ing us to turn the other cheek, to do to oth­ers as we’d like them to do to us, and to love God.

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