Pupils have mixed feel­ings about last year of high school

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IT’S ALL over bar the re­sults for the matrics of 2011, who said a fi­nal farewell yes­ter­day to their high school days.

Now, with the last exam pa­per com­pleted this week, hundreds of thou­sands of matrics start the count­down to the re­lease of the re­sults on Jan­uary 5 next year.

Last year’s matrics man­aged a 67.8 per­cent pass rate in the Western Cape.

Week­end Ar­gus spoke to some lo­cal matrics to get their opinion on their fi­nal year of school.

18, head girl of Groen­vlei High School in Lans­downe, said she would al­ways have fond mem­o­ries of her ma­tric year.

“The year went off very smoothly and now it’s only the long wait till the re­sults.”

“I will al­ways re­mem­ber my ma­tric ball, my vale­dic­tory cer­e­mony and the ma­tric camp for the Grade 12s of Groen­vlei.”

“The ex­ams went off well, but there was lots of pres­sure on us to ex­cel. I strug­gled a bit with my maths pa­per but I am con­fi­dent that I will pass.”

“I’ve ap­plied to CPUT to study teach­ing. It is some­thing I’ve al­ways wanted to do. I think teach­ing is an honourable way to give back to the com­mu­nity.

“My ap­pli­ca­tion was suc­cess­ful and I will be head­ing off to CPUT as soon as I get my re­sults. I’m a bit sad to leave school be­hind, but I’m ready for the chal­lenges ahead.”

“I’ve al­ready started to look for work dur­ing the hol­i­days, and sub­mit­ted a few ap­pli­ca­tions to keep me busy… I will be in Cape Town for the big day, wait­ing at school with ev­ery­body else when the re­sults are re­leased.”

18, of Groote Schuur High School in Clare­mont, said his ma­tric year was a lot of fun – ex­cept for the study­ing.

“Every­thing about this year was great – the ma­tric ball, break-time at school and just spend­ing time with class­mates.”

“I’m glad to see the back of the ma­tric ex­ams. I thought they went okay… ev­ery pa­per I wrote, I felt con­fi­dent.”

“I am ap­ply­ing to fur­ther my stud­ies at the Col­lege of Cape Town, where I hope to qual­ify as a draughts­man.

“I have al­ways en­joyed draw­ings. I did arts at school and would like to get the nec­es­sary skills to draw plans of build­ings or ma­chines – to make a liv­ing.

“But I am also con­tem­plat­ing a pos­si­ble fu­ture in ar­chi­tec­ture.”

“I’m look­ing for a hol­i­day job for the time be­ing. But if that fails I’ll be re­lax­ing and spend­ing time with my fam­ily un­til the re­sults are re­leased.”

18, of Her­schel Girls School in Clare­mont, said she en­joyed her en­tire high school life.

“My ma­tric dance was un­doubt­edly the best mem­ory for the year.

“As a grade we were all just so close on that night. Even though it was held early in the year, it left a great feel­ing of unity and close­ness among the group of about 100 matrics.”

“Fin­ish­ing ma­tric brings with it a sense of achieve­ment, es­pe­cially af­ter writ­ing your fi­nal pa­per. I have been an A stu­dent so far, and I am fairly con­fi­dent that I will get good marks at the end of year.”

“I ap­plied to Stel­len­bosch, Rhodes and UCT, but de­cided to stay closer to home.

“I’ve de­cided to study busi­ness sci­ence at UCT next year. I have al­ways wanted to fur­ther my busi­ness stud­ies or even ac­coun­tancy.”

“I’m jet­ting off to Lon­don next week for a hol­i­day with my mom, and will be spend­ing Christ­mas and New Year with my fam­ily in Port El­iz­a­beth. But I will def­i­nitely be back in the Mother City when the re­sults are an­nounced.” 18, of Bel­gravia High School in Athlone, said her ma­tric year was the best year of her life.

“What made the fi­nal school year so mem­o­rable is the study group I was part of. One of our teach­ers ar­ranged for us to study to­gether and it just worked out great.”

“I wasn’t very ner­vous but I must ad­mit that ac­coun­tancy, physics and maths were slightly dif­fi­cult pa­pers. I was very ner­vous about writ­ing those three sub­jects, but de­spite this I am con­fi­dent that I nailed the ex­ams.”

“I’ve al­ways wanted to be an ac­coun­tant; since I can re­mem­ber I’ve loved ac­coun­tancy. I ap­plied to Stel­len­bosch Univer­sity, UWC and UCT. So far I have been ac­cepted at Stel­len­bosch and UCT. I’m still de­cid­ing, but for now it’s just about wait­ing for my re­sults.”

“I’m al­ready look­ing for a hol­i­day job to keep me busy and cel­e­brate my free­dom from high school. But I know I will miss those days.”

19, of Ma­si­bam­bisane High School in Delft, said his ma­tric year was filled with ups and downs.

“My best mem­ory is stand­ing up for the rights of stu­dents suf­fer­ing at the hands of a prin­ci­pal who used bul­ly­ing tac­tics against pupils. We fought for our rights with­out the sup­port of our teach­ers, and risked a lot. But it was all worth it to ex­pose the in­jus­tices hap­pen­ing at our school.”

“It was a hec­tic year, but I be­lieve due to the hard work I’ve put in, I am con­fi­dent that I will make it. The ex­ams were not too dif­fi­cult but I can’t say it was easy ei­ther. I’ve stud­ied hard, even though I had an axe hang­ing over my head when the prin­ci­pal re­fused to give me my ex­am­i­na­tion timetable con­tain­ing my unique exam num­ber. And when I fi­nally got it, the wrong sub­jects were listed.”

“I want to be a lawyer and I’m well on my way to achiev­ing this dream. I’ve ap­plied to the Univer­sity of the Western Cape and my ap­pli­ca­tion was suc­cess­ful. I did it all on my own, de­spite my cir­cum­stances. I’ve seen and lived the plight of the poor, and I will use the law to fight for the rights of the masses.”

“I’m leav­ing for the East­ern Cape in the next week to spend time with my fam­ily. I will be there when the ma­tric re­sults are an­nounced.”

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