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I be­lieve in a bet­ter world be­cause from every­thing bad comes some­thing good. Al­ways. Na­ture fol­lows an un­stop­pable cy­cle, from fire to flow­ers, from storm to sun­shine, and we can be sure that if we keep the right space about our heads, even the bleak­est of tides even­tu­ally turn…

If I con­nect the dots of my life, it’s easy to see how the most hope­less, dev­as­tat­ing and sense­less of times all evolved into the most po­tent, defin­ing and en­rich­ing ones. But I’d never have ex­pe­ri­enced those peaks if I hadn’t crawled through those lows.

Thing is, the low­est points in life are al­ways the most test­ing ones, and by stand­ing up and squar­ing off with them, we can be sure that once we emerge from it all, our new eyes will have a brighter view of a bet­ter world.

Life deals some very s*** cards, but with­out them you’ll never get dealt the strong­est ones. The dark­est times sel­dom make any sense, un­til you’ve passed through and are wal­low­ing in the best of them… that’s when you’ll see the world for what it is. A peach!

Na­ture lover

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