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It has been very quiet from the Manch­ester United and Chelsea fans at the mo­ment. Si­lence is golden!

Stoke go for broke and go into last 32 of Europa league by forc­ing a stale­mate with Dy­namo Kiev. Con­grats to Tony Pullis for pulling off this one.

Re Mike Wills’s ar­ti­cle in Week­end Ar­gus last Satur­day: How bad can Su­per­sport and Gavin Hunt be? They beat the Mighty Chiefs on Wed­nes­day to stay top of the league and un­beaten in 12 games.

Please put back the UK lower (than Premier) league re­sults in Sun­day Ar­gus. It’s one of the rea­sons I buy it.


Why are old-age pen­sion­ers treated so badly? We get a measly R1 140 on the 3rd of the month, but if the 3rd falls on a week­end the money is only avail­able on the fol­low­ing Mon­day. We are ob­vi­ously sec­ond-class cit­i­zens.

So just like Shaik, Selebi is de­pressed that his dis­hon­esty was ex­posed. Now it is time for Cele and his ilk to get their just deserts.

Cosatu is to protest against Metro­rail’s ter­ri­ble ser­vice, but say that trains will not be dis­rupted. But there are al­ways dis­rupted trains, isn’t that the rea­son for the protests?

Why are some peo­ple so in­tol­er­ant and crit­i­cal to­wards Mus­lims? Is it be­cause we Chris­tians no longer go to church and feel threat­ened?

Debt-rid­den Por­tu­gal go­ing to An­gola for aid could pro­vide ma­te­rial for Nando’s next ad.

If an­i­mals are dis­eased and over­pop­u­lated in a game re­serve we cull them. If hu­man be­ings are dis­eased and over­pop­u­lated in the world, we save them. I say let na­ture take its course.

Re the Woolies ad on TV – prices have re­ally gone through the roof.

Es­ther Lewis, as a 55-year-old I truly en­joyed your col­umn, ab­so­lutely spot on – that’s how we roll.

What are Eskom and the govern­ment do­ing about Eskom’s huge prof­its and re­duc­ing the en­ergy costs for overex­tended con­sumers? Is Eskom a pri­vate profit-mak­ing com­pany or a govern­ment-owned en­ter­prise which is sup­posed to pro­vide re­li­able and af­ford­able elec­tric­ity to the peo­ple of SA?

A likely out­come of the global eco­nomic crises is a new, more reg­u­lated fi­nan­cial world or­der and the de­cline of the credit- and mil­i­tary­driven economies of the West rel­a­tive to China, In­dia and other East­ern coun­tries. Per­haps a more healthy bal­ance of power?

I’m sorry, but im so an­gry this is the only way i can ex­press my­self: Those three pieces of s*** who tor­tured that poor de­fence­less horse should be locked up and the key thrown away.

HIV test­ing com­pe­ti­tion – can you imag­ine get­ting the call telling you that you’ve won the R10 000, and when you’re jump­ing for joy be­ing told: “Oh by the way, you’re pos­i­tive.”

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