Rich vs poor

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Yes, Lewis, the rich are pay­ing for it. If you think that is a slap in the face of the poor maybe you can get the poor to pay for the up­grade. Will that make you happy?

In a well-gov­erned coun­try poverty is shame­ful, but in a badly gov­erned coun­try riches are shame­ful.

If the rich did not put up build­ings, the poor wouldn’t get jobs.think with both brain cells.

Porn chan­nel

If I dis­agree with Er­rol Naidoo’s re­li­gion, can I have re­li­gious chan­nels/pro­grammes banned from TV?

Er­rol Naidoo, go and fo­cus on drug lords and gang­sters, that’s what de­stroys fam­i­lies’ lives. Porn is the least of our wor­ries, es­pe­cially if peo­ple have to pay for the ser­vice. All the mur­ders that hap­pen have noth­ing to do with re­li­gion or porn, they are gang- and drug-re­lated. Face re­al­ity. Stop bring­ing re­li­gion into it.

The anti-porn ac­tivist Er­rol Naidoo, who ex­pressed dis­may at a pro­posed 24-hour porn chan­nel for SA next year, should se­ri­ously think about a change of sur­name.

There goes Colin Bosman again. This time he has a go at Robin Carlisle. Since when is he con­cerned that the wrong peo­ple see the video? Does that not also ap­ply to porn on TV that he sup­ports? You are the ec­cen­tric per­son, Colin. Don’t ap­ply dou­ble stan­dards. You are mak­ing a fool of your­self.

City stuff

City, please con­tact me re­gard­ing a house in Boeschoten Road, Athlone – a prob­lem build­ing used for crime, drugs, rub­bish stor­age which has be­come a hub for so­cial prob­lems. Hop­ing the city’s prob­lem build­ing unit will start work­ing for an­gry Gleemoor res­i­dents. Hop­ing I can still rely on your slo­gan: The City That Works For You. Thank­ing you in an­tic­i­pa­tion of an ef­fec­tive, pos­i­tive and speedy re­sponse.

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