Cost of liv­ing

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Guys, let’s get the cost of liv­ing al­lowance back. This gen­er­a­tion should look into the past and see the truth. From an old fos­sil.

Cost of liv­ing in­creases to just over 12 per­cent but when it comes to the end of the fi­nan­cial year the over­all would be 4 per­cent – the pub­lic will still be out of pocket.

Un­happy teach­ers

Once again as a grade 7 teacher I have sent kids who are barely able to read on to high school, by or­der of the depart­ment. When will the pow­er­sthat-be give a pass mark that has to be ad­hered to? Rather than mov­ing them up in each phase, they need to achieve cer­tain skills in each level. They don’t do their work as year by year they see their older friends “pass­ing”. One can no longer take any pride in teach­ing, as the barest min­i­mum is suf­fi­cient to get to the next grade, with all the sub­se­quent prob­lems that brings. 35 years of ex­pe­ri­ence at the chalk­face.

While I ac­cept that many peo­ple strug­gle to pay school fees, there are many with pri­or­i­ties so skewed that plasma TVS and Dstv are far more im­por­tant. Our school in the Cape Flats strug­gles to cope, yet when we need par­ents to help with school fundrais­ing, there is only a tiny core that will spend any time help­ing. Come to a con­cert and the field is full of ex­pen­sive cars, with ma­jor sound sys­tems. The kids wear ex­pen­sive footwear on civvies days and no ex­pense is spared at the Grade 7 farewell. Par­ents must look to the val­ues they are teach­ing their off­spring.

Un­happy Teacher, I have to work from 7am till 7pm with only 15 days leave. Be thank­ful for your abun­dant leave days. I should be un­happy...


Ralph Krall, I think you are ab­so­lutely right in say­ing there is more to rhino poach­ing and who is be­hind it all. There al­most seems to be too lit­tle be­ing done or a lack of ur­gency.

It is about time the truth about the rhino slaugh­ter­ing comes out: Only the shav­ing of the horns are used for ‘aphro­disi­acs’. The main part of the

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