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Grow blue and white aga­pan­thus to add grace and colour to your sum­mer gar­den. Dwarf aga­pan­thus are per­fect for edg­ing paths and bor­ders and for con­tain­ers. Medium and tall grow­ers can be mass-planted, grown along drive­ways and in bor­ders or land­scaped around a pool. White-flow­ered aga­pan­thus show up well in the evening gar­den.

Tul­baghias, also known as so­ci­ety gar­lic be­cause of their gar­lic-scented fo­liage, have dain­tier, sim­i­lar shaped heads to aga­pan­thus, with mauve flow­ers and plain or var­ie­gated leaves.

Day lilies are use­ful and re­li­able peren­ni­als and are of­ten grown as a con­trast to aga­pan­thus. They need six hours of sun a day and en­riched, mois­ture-re­ten­tive soil. For great­est im­pact, plant in sin­gle colours in large sweeps, in groups in mixed bor­ders, near wa­ter fea­tures and with or­na­men­tal grasses.

Na­tional Chil­dren’s Day is to­day, fol­lowed by Uni­ver­sal Chil­dren’s Day on Novem­ber 20. En­cour­age your chil­dren to spend more time out­doors by help­ing them cre­ate a Peter Rab­bit gar­den. A cou­ple of trays of let­tuce seedlings will pro­vide in­stant colour and in­ter­est while wait­ing for other plants to grow.

A half-bar­rel is a wa­ter-wise, easyto-reach op­tion for a child’s edi­ble gar­den. Sow pars­ley, vi­o­las, a trail­ing nas­tur­tium, a let­tuce, marigolds and even a bean up a cen­tral wig­wam trel­lis.

Pinch back fuch­sias to en­cour­age side shoots and more flow­ers. Wa­ter well in dry weather, and on hot days spray fo­liage when there is no sun on leaves. Feed reg­u­larly with Mul­tifeed P.

Aphids are a com­mon gar­den pest that cause dam­age to new growth on veg­eta­bles and flow­ers. Nas­tur­tiums are trap-plants and you will find that aphids will aban­don other plants to feed off nas­tur­tiums.

Con­tain­ers are best planted in groups of three – a large, medium and small pot. To make the most im­pact, try to make sure the plant ma­te­rial is ap­prox­i­mately twothirds of the to­tal height of each fea­ture.

For a sunny con­tainer, plant up marigolds, dianthus, por­tu­laca, salvia, vinca or any num­ber of the ivy and bush pelargo­ni­ums. Com­monly re­ferred to as gera­ni­ums, th­ese in­dige­nous drought-re­sis­tant peren­ni­als are ideal for a hot spot near the pa­tio and will con­tinue flow­er­ing year af­ter year.

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