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faster, sleeker ver­sion of T-Rex, essen­tially a mean killing ma­chine with a mas­sive skull, lethal, ser­rated teeth and very short fore­limbs. “Dur­ing the mi­gra­tion they have to cross through a ter­ri­tory where the dan­ger­ous Gor­gosaurus live. Gor­gosaurus are smaller than the T- Rex and be­cause they’re smaller, they hap­pen to be a lot faster,” says Cook. “Ev­ery year, they would wait for the mi­grat­ing herds to pass through their ar­eas, so that they could have their feast.”

“Patchi was de­signed to be a lit­tle bit clumsy, a lit­tle bit fool­hardy, but also some­body who re­ally cares,” says Marco Marenghi the an­i­ma­tion di­rec­tor. “Patchi thinks out­side the box. That is his strength. He is more of a thinker than his bull­headed brother. Scowler is the al­pha male. He is very ar­ro­gant and the only per­son he cares for is him­self.”

Marenghi and the rest of the team made sure that their di­nosaurs were as ac­cu­rate as pos­si­ble.

They had sci­en­tists and pa­le­on­tol­o­gists in­volved in the project. A pa­le­on­tol­o­gist is a sci­en­tist who stud­ies all kinds of fos­sils, not just di­nosaur bones.

“There is noth­ing that stokes the imag­i­na­tion quite like di­nosaurs,” says one of the movie’s pa­le­on­tol­o­gists, Stephen Brusatte. “There is just some in­de­scrib­able essence to them. They are fan­tas­tic crea­tures,” he says.

“Do I have what kids would see as a dream job? Other than an as­tro­naut and fire­fighter, I would say yes, it is a dream job and it is a great job. I love it,” laughs Brusatte. “There aren’t many of us, maybe two or three thou­sand I would guess in the pa­le­on­tol­ogy realm and of peo­ple who study di­nosaurs, there are just a few hun­dred. You do have to study for a long time and get a lot of de­grees be­fore you get a job and I re­ally lucked out.”

FEATH­ERY FRIEND: Alex voiced by John Leguizamo. BULL­HEAD BROTHER: Scowler voiced by Skyler Stone.

TOUGH GAL: Ju­niper voiced by Tiya Sir­car. HERO: Patchi is voiced by Justin Long.

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