Neil Hay­ward

Weekend Argus (Saturday Edition) - - GOODFEATHERS -

Con­tract: 3NT by South. Open­ing Lead: J. East plays Q at trick one. Rec­om­mended Line: The key point is that each of the fi­nesses in the ma­jor suits might lose. If so, you make just eight tricks. How­ever, if you can get West to lead a ma­jor suit, suc­cess is guar­an­teed.

The snag is, of course, that he will re­sist the idea of lead­ing away from the ma­jor suit kings, if held.

That means you have to take away all al­ter­na­tives. This is your plan: Win the first di­a­mond, and cash an­other. If East fol­lows to the sec­ond di­a­mond, you can sur­mise that the play of the Q at trick one was an un­block­ing ma­noeu­vre, based on a dou­ble­ton hold­ing on your right.

You now cash four rounds of clubs, and exit in di­a­monds. As­sum­ing West started with five di­a­monds, you must find two dis­cards. One heart and one spade will go away from each hand. Sym­me­try is al­ways so neat. West also has sym­me­try on his side. He is left with th­ese cards: K4 and

K8. The only good news for him is that, af­ter the hand, he will be able to con­sole him­self with the thought: He couldn’t go wrong. Or right.

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