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that seem ei­ther ridicu­lous or just not right to you to­day, too.

I wouldn’t have cho­sen any of the names of my grand­chil­dren for my own kids. But it’s im­pos­si­ble now to imag­ine them be­ing called any­thing else – and I love them very much, names and all.

Names are enor­mously pow­er­ful and it’s not sur­pris­ing you re­acted in­stantly to your daugh­ter’s choice. As a par­ent, it’s pretty much the last time you’ll be en­tirely in charge of any­thing to do with your chil­dren – there will be ad­vice and in­for­ma­tion ga­lore about ev­ery­thing else.

While you might strug­gle to think of a Pixie-Rose with a doc­tor­ate in maths, some­one else might re­coil about your choice of name for your daugh­ter.

The truth is, we are all much more than our names, and in­creas­ingly peo­ple are so cre­ative about their choices that no one (cer­tainly not an em­ployer) should make snap judg­ments based on name alone.

Don’t worry about how they’ll be treated by play­mates and school friends – I’m sure you re­mem­ber only too well that chil­dren will

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