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I re­ally wish this cir­cus would come to an end. Pis­to­rius took an in­no­cent life for rea­sons still “mind­blow­ing” to many and no num­ber of years is go­ing to jus­tify his ac­tions. It’s not go­ing to bring Steenkamp back to life even if he gets life. Let's just move on from this. – Billy Bob Corn­well Stop wast­ing tax­pay­ers’ money. – Jo-anne Mal­gas

Judge Masipa told all par­ties at the last court hear­ing that she will wait in her cham­bers if any­one wanted to ap­peal. Ger­rie and his group would have known at that point if Os­car got a light sen­tence what rea­sons he would have to ap­peal. The SCA, when chang­ing the charge from cul­pa­ble homi­cide to mur­der, did not at­tack Judge Masipa as a ex­pe­ri­enced judge. Facebook, of course, has great judges. – Eric Martin­sich

Pis­to­rius was on his stumps when he mur­dered Reeva Steenkamp. So where is the dis­abil­ity? There were six pre­med­i­tated ac­tions: get­ting the gun, aim­ing it at the prob­a­ble spot where a per­son could be be­hind the door and pulling the trig­ger four times. Mur­der car­ries 20-25 years, 15 for ex­cep­tional mit­i­gat­ing cir­cum­stances. His sen­tence should be 15 plus 6 – 21 years. – Nkosi Nat

Six years was a shock­ing sen­tence. Some peo­ple get 15 years for theft. –An­dre Brits

The ar­ti­cle states “a good chance of be­ing out on pa­role after 18 months”. That would be a trav­esty of jus­tice. Judge Masipa got the orig­i­nal cul­pa­ble homi­cide wrong and also got the mur­der sen­tence wrong. Let us hope the Ap­peal Court serves proper jus­tice for mur­der. – Whit­ney Smith

Where are Os­car’s hu­man rights? Crim­i­nals also have rights. How many times can you sen­tence a man for one crime? – Paul Froon

Can Ger­rie Nel start fo­cus­ing on the rest of the mur­ders that take place daily in this coun­try and get those peo­ple be­hind bars? – Karen Parn­ham Sch­lem­mer

SA has been brain­washed by the me­dia who have por­trayed Os­car as a thug just so they can sell news­pa­pers and mag­a­zines. – Les­ley Ganserer

Animal cru­elty

“Kids bru­tally killing dog” Cape Ar­gus 21.07: shock­ing and cruel. All the chil­dren who par­tic­i­pated in this bar­baric in­ci­dent should be ap­pre­hended and se­verely pun­ished. A good old fash­ioned hid­ing with a quince stick on a bare bum is sadly no longer per­mis­si­ble so a term of com­mu­nity ser­vice at the SPCA or some other car­ing dog shel­ter is prob­a­bly the only other al­ter­na­tive to teach these chil­dren right from wrong. Teach them to un­der­stand that all an­i­mals are here by the bless­ing of God who only gives us mor­tals his “un­con­di­tional love”.

To all of those young bar­bar­ians who par­tic­i­pated in the killing of that lit­tle dog, you have all sealed your own fates. – Robert Gille­spie

This is shock­ing and very dis­turb­ing be­cause these kids are vi­o­lent as they know no better. They live in the Cape Flats and are ex­posed to vi­o­lence on a daily ba­sis. Peo­ple are of­ten shot and killed in front of them. As a re­sult, be­ing ex­posed to vi­o­lence at that early age makes them think it’s nor­mal. Sadly they will grow up to be bul­lies and even­tu­ally even com­mit mur­ders them­selves. Then the cy­cle re­peats with their own chil­dren un­less some­thing is done about it. – Stella Ny­ongo, Gor­dons Bay.

Mar­ius Frans­man

By re­in­stat­ing Mar­ius Frans­man, Ja­cob Zuma must ap­prove of his hands-on ap­proach to busi­ness. –David Liebrecht, Muizen­berg

This has been hap­pen­ing with the ANC since 1994 and be­fore. – Peter Brig­den

But another re­port says he has not been re­in­stated. He says he has been and that JZ him­self re­in­stated him. Very con­fus­ing. No one seems to know did­dly squat about this. – An­gela El­don The house of cards is crum­bling. – Marzedt De Beer He’s in till after elec­tions. – Ashraf Sedick Walker


The DA can for­get about my vote and those of other res­i­dents in Ward 1, Klap­muts North. Ba­sic main­te­nance of roads is use­less and gets worse ev­ery year. No doubt, the rain will be blamed again. We just can’t take you se­ri­ously any­more. – Paul Cochrane.

The time has come to let the COO of the SABC go be­fore he does any more dam­age, or gives him­self another ex­hor­bi­tant salary in­crease. – Robert Gille­spie


I wish crim­i­nals would just take what they want and leave... take the car, phone, money and run. – Cyn­thia Man­dokose Ja­cobs

There’s a lot of sick, vile, spine­less crea­tures on this earth. – Karin van Niek­erk

When is this all go­ing to stop? We are pris­on­ers in our own homes. Jus­tice needs to be done. – Lind­ley Marise Blaine Paul

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