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In­stead of pic­tures of stu­dent protests which look more like some sum­mer-of-love rave party, per­haps a more poignant im­age would be the clean­ing staff with buck­ets, mops and (hope­fully) pro­tec­tive face-masks, hav­ing to slop up the stu­dents' morn­ing bowel move­ments from the floors of the univer­sity sports hall. Just in time for them to do it again the next day. – Gareth Austin, Pinelands.

Please don’t re­fer to these low­est of cowards as protesters. Why don’t they pick on their own size and gen­der – look at how they spray two women with fire ex­tin­guish­ers. – Bill Find­lay

The stu­dents who started this de­struc­tion from the Rhodes statue fall should be iso­lated and banned or made to con­tinue their stud­ies at Robben Is­land. Per­haps Nel­son Man­dela’s Long Walk to Free­dom could set their de­struc­tive mind­sets free.

I have no­ticed the only stu­dents in the world who would use hu­man fae­ces as a form of protest are South African stu­dents. Sies man. – Mo­ham­mad Abra­hams, Sea Point

How is it that a small per­cent­age of stu­dents can hold the whole coun­try to ran­som? The ma­jor­ity of stu­dents want to com­plete their year of hard work and sac­ri­fice at enor­mous ex­pense to them and their fam­i­lies. These protest­ing stu­dents have no re­gard for the econ­omy and the coun­try’s labour force who are await­ing these grad­u­ates, not to men­tion matrics who may not be ad­mit­ted next year due to “no space”? This just does not make sense. Surely govern­ment must stop their si­lence and step in. They can use the army to pro­tect those who want to write their ex­ams. – P Rood, Sea Point

The govern­ment’s so­cial ser­vices bud­get is spent on the evils of al­co­hol. The abuse is far greater than the ben­e­fits de­rived from the al­co­hol in­dus­try with­out count­ing the da­m­age to com­mu­ni­ties, fam­i­lies and life­long per­sonal in­juries it is re­spon­si­ble for. So how some one can even be in favour of al­co­hol con­sump­tion beg­gars be­lief. – Yusuf It’s easy for some peo­ple who do not have the scourge of al­co­hol abuse lead­ing to FAS (foetal al­co­hol syn­drome ) preva­lent in their com­mu­ni­ties or she­beens which stay open till late at night and week­ends lead­ing to so­cial evils to com­ment on these is­sues. Come live in a town­ship for a week and ex­pe­ri­ence what it does, then I might have more re­spect for your opin­ions. – Sedick


Clearly Zuma is very afraid of Thuli Madon­sela and has some­thing to hide. He has re­fused to an­swer her ques­tions about state cap­ture.

South Africans are paral­ysed by a seem­ingly in­sol­u­ble dif­fi­culty – they know what their prob­lem is but they lack the know-how to fix it. Cosatu is just a joke. Cosatu, no­body takes you se­ri­ously.


All Blacks to smash the Boks 55-17. I hope the coach gets the mes­sage and re­signs, tak­ing Strauss, De Jong, Steyn and Ha­bana with him. Time for new faces and ideas.

Thuli Madon­sela

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