Pa­tri­archy’s ge­netic ori­gins

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IN RE­SPONSE to Amanda Gouws’s ar­ti­cle, thou­sands of men have been mur­dered, yet no fo­cus on that. Men’s lives mat­ter. Gouws com­plains women’s is­sues are rep­re­sented by only a sin­gle min­is­ter in the Pres­i­dency, yet there isn’t even a sin­gle min­is­ter for men’s is­sues.

In such a vi­o­lent coun­try, with such a high mur­der rate, women can’t ex­pect to not also be vic­tims.

Why are we such a vi­o­lent coun­try? Gouws seems to lay all the blame on the past, the usual scape­goats of colo­nial­ism, apartheid and, in this con­text, pa­tri­archy.

Equal­ity for women means bring­ing them into the work­place, so you need twice as many jobs, fail­ing which many men will be­come un­em­ployed. It means that chil­dren get far less at­ten­tion from their moth­ers in par­tic­u­lar and, to a large ex­tent, have to raise them­selves.

Pa­tri­archy has been around for so long, we even see the equiv­a­lent in the an­i­mal king­dom from which we evolved, that it is rea­son­able to be­lieve it has a ge­netic com­po­nent, so equal­ity forces both men and women into an un­nat­u­ral sit­u­a­tion, which places stress on them.

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