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West Pass Pass All Pass North Pass 3S East Pass Pass Open­ing Lead: West leads HA, HK, HQ, and switches to the DJ. How do you play? Rec­om­mended Line: This is a sim­ple ex­am­ple of the way you should keep the bid­ding in mind dur­ing the play.

You need to re­call, as the play un­folds, that West passed as dealer.

The first four tricks con­firm that West started with at least 10 points.

Af­ter draw­ing trumps, you have a two-way fi­nesse in clubs as your best chance to se­cure your con­tract.

How­ever, if you bear in mind the fact that West would pre­sum­ably have opened the bid­ding if hold­ing the CQ in ad­di­tion to the 10 points shown, it’s a one-way fi­nesse, in ef­fect.

Cash the CK and fi­nesse the CT next if East plays low.

Count­ing 101. We need to en­rol.

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