Time to ad­dress prob­lem of ‘de­sire’

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LESTER Septem­ber of the Fo­rum of Cape Flats Civics is to be com­mended for his let­ter (“Zille and De Lille’s si­lence”, Week­end Ar­gus May 27) spell­ing out an ex­cel­lent mas­ter plan to deal with the epi­demic of rape and mur­der of lit­tle girls (and oth­ers). Please, pow­ers-that-be, come to the party, quickly.

If we, stand­ing on the river­bank, are see­ing drown­ing peo­ple strug­gling, then we should be do­ing some life sav­ing; but first prize would be to also send a re­pair team up­stream to fix what­ever is caus­ing the prob­lem.

Mr Septem­ber in­tro­duces “the crime tri­an­gle of de­sire, tar­get and op­por­tu­nity”. He cov­ers the lat­ter two points but has said noth­ing about de­sire. If this could be ad­dressed, the prob­lem would fall away. De­sire is the up­stream cause.

Mus­lims and ortho­dox Jews sep­a­rate men and women in their wor­ship meet­ings; both also re­quire their women to be mod­estly clothed. The pope heads up a men-man­aged church with sep­a­rate or­ders for men and women (again mod­estly cov­ered). Are they mak­ing women sec­ond-class cit­i­zens? I don’t think so. There is noth­ing wrong with the women, it is be­cause many men are of­ten un­able to think straight in the pres­ence of a sexy woman. For good rea­son, these faith-based or­gan­i­sa­tions have re­tained these tra­di­tions, while the world has moved on.

The past 60 years have seen ma­jor changes to con­ven­tional wis­dom. The cur­rent par­a­digm is quite dif­fer­ent.

Men and women have dif­fer­ent hor­mones. So dif­fer­ent that, to this day, they are as­signed sep­a­rate sports events, mag­a­zines and toi­lets.

An­thro­pol­o­gist Mar­garet Mead’s Samoan myth mas­querad­ing as sci­ence and Al­fred Kin­sey’s fraud­u­lent sex re­search her­alded the launch of the Amer­i­can porno­graphic mag­a­zines (aimed at men) in the 1950s. They con­vinced a gen­er­a­tion of men to be­lieve in­ti­mate sex was as eas­ily ob­tain­able as a Coke. Win­ning and woo­ing was un­nec­es­sary.

Here we are now, sad­dled with a multi­bil­lion-dol­lar porn in­dus­try on the in­ter­net. Rape could be what some men take to be the new “doin’ what comes nat­u­rally”.

I sub­mit the new par­a­digm is out of sync with the hor­mones. Evo­lu­tion has be­come gen­er­ally ac­cepted.

It tells us we are just another an­i­mal. There is noth­ing spe­cial about you; your life has no pur­pose; moral­ity is ar­bi­trary and flex­i­ble. The evils is­su­ing from this Pan­dora’s box may af­flict mankind way be­yond this post­mod­ern pe­riod.

So lock up your wife and daugh­ter. And cam­paign for the re­turn of the death penalty.

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