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IN THE light of your many re­ports and ar­ti­cles about the rape and mur­der of lit­tle girls, it is un­der­stand­able that no one seems to have a kind thought for the mon­sters who do such things.

But con­sider this: ev­ery one of them was once an in­no­cent lit­tle boy. Yes, it is too late now. To­day they are mon­sters. But what about the lit­tle boys of to­day? Is it not likely that some will num­ber among the mon­sters of the fu­ture?

Are there not some ex­perts or aca­demics who can launch a study, the re­sult of which could make a happy dif­fer­ence in this world? Per­haps they might be crim­i­nol­o­gists, so­cial psy­chol­o­gists, so­ci­ol­o­gists, so­cial sci­en­tists or an­thro­pol­o­gists? Or all of those, teamed up.

Their start­ing point would be the mon­sters – who con­sti­tute a con­ve­niently cap­tive crowd.

In­ter­view them, grill them, quiz them and coun­sel them; find out what made them tick as they did. What kind of homes did they come from?

What was it like grow­ing up? What about sib­lings, peer groups? Were they lon­ers? Who were their heroes? What habits did they fall into? How did they come to terms with their hor­mones?

I hope a way could be found to fund such a study – or if one has al­ready been done, some­one could let us know about it.

This ma­te­rial should be put in the hands of all school­teach­ers, to help them see the early signs, and care­fully, skil­fully guide the lads to­wards ex­cel­lent man­hood – and save some lit­tle girls, as yet un­born, from being num­bered among the ter­ri­ble statis­tics. Is it worth a try, or am I just a dreamer?

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