Grease build-up will feed a blaze

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I KNOW how quickly fires start, and of­ten in the kitchen in a home or a restau­rant. One of the big­gest ar­eas of con­cern are ex­trac­tors.

Flat-style ex­trac­tors have eas­ily re­mov­able pa­per grease fil­ters. Re­place these if they are sat­u­rated with grease. You will find them at su­per­mar­kets or kitchen­ware stores and cut to size.

To clean the ex­trac­tor cover, re­move it and soak in boil­ing water with soda crys­tals, bi­car­bon­ate of soda or wash­ing pow­der. For sparkling re­sults, leave overnight. Chim­ney-style ex­trac­tors usu­ally have mesh in­stead of pa­per fil­ters. Re­move it and clean us­ing boil­ing water and wash­ing-up liq­uid. Greasy tiles be­hind hobs re­spond best to bak­ing soda – sprin­kle on to a damp cloth – or lemon juice.

Sur­faces around stoves tend to ac­cu­mu­late grease or fat, and this will aid com­bus­tion and the spread of fire.

You should al­ways have the cor­rect type of ex­tin­guisher and a fire blan­ket read­ily avail­able in the kitchen.

Re­mem­ber it is im­por­tant to clean the braai, es­pe­cially gas braais with lids. Grease builds up quickly and must be re­moved. Also check the hoses con­nect­ing your gas bot­tles to the braai. You’re look­ing for leaks and soapy water works well. There is an­other prob­lem I re­cently dis­cov­ered: squir­rels tend to nib­ble, and they have had such a go at my con­nec­tion hoses that I have to re­place them.

Be­cause we tend to keep win­dows shut in win­ter, es­pe­cially in the bath­room, we get a build-up of mould due to lack of ven­ti­la­tion. Clean grubby grout­ing be­tween tiles with an old tooth­brush dipped in thick bleach. Scrub hard and wipe down with a damp cloth.

Mod­ern fridges and freez­ers tend to look af­ter them­selves, but it is im­por­tant to reg­u­larly de­frost them. The more ice builds up, the harder the fridge has to work and the more likely you are to ex­pe­ri­ence prob­lems.

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