Boo-ti­ful Hal­loween trick and treat

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WITH Hal­loween fast ap­proach­ing, take some ghoul­ish de­light into your own hands. Se­ri­ously, here’s how to cre­ate a free-stand­ing ghost from your hand­prints. This crafty trick is a boo-ti­ful dec­o­ra­tive treat you can proudly dis­play for many Oc­to­bers to come.

Adult’s help: Some Hands-on time: 45 min­utes To­tal time: 1½ hours


• One 35.5cm- by- 56cm white poster board (big­ger is okay) • Pen­cil

• Scis­sors

• 60ml bot­tle neon green acrylic paint

• Medium sponge paint­brush • Three large pa­per plates • Clear wash­able glue

• Two 7-mm wig­gle eyes

• Black marker


1. Lay poster width­wise on a ta­ble and place your non­writ­ing hand on one side, leav­ing at least a 12.7mm space from your mid­dle fin­ger at the poster’s top edge and an­other 12.7mm space from your pinkie on the poster’s side. Trace your hand with a pen­cil. Move the hand you’re trac­ing to an­other part of the poster and re­peat.

2. Ro­tate poster so hands ap­pear up­side- down and draw a curve across the bot­tom at the wrist area to com­plete the hand­prints.

3. Cut out the hands with scis­sors, snip­ping in­side the lines so pen­cil marks aren’t left on hand­prints. Save left­over poster for an­other craft or to make more ghosts.

4. Place each hand up­right and flat on a large pa­per plate, with thumbs on the right.

Squeeze a small amount of paint onto an­other plate. Us­ing a sponge paint­brush, com­pletely cover this side of each hand with paint. Use more paint as needed. When done, gen­tly turn hand over to make sure green didn’t get on the other side. If so, wipe off with a damp pa­per towel. Dry, paint side up, for 20 min­utes.

5. You may need an adult’s help for this part. Fold the green palm of each hand in on it­self, length­wise. Then, with the fin­gers of both hands fac­ing down, squeeze and slide one hand just in­side the other (thumbs will be on op­po­site sides). Pinch, but loosely, to leave room for a face.

6. Se­cure in place with two strips of in­vis­i­ble tape from the front hand to the back, rub­bing to make as clear as pos­si­ble. Place ghost up­right on a ta­ble. To make it stand straighter, bend the bot­tom of each fin­ger out. (It’s OK if thumbs and pinkies don’t touch the ta­ble.)

7. Dab a small amount of glue on the back of two wig­gle eyes and press each – one left, one right – be­low the top of the ghost’s cone­shaped head. Dry 20 min­utes.

8. Use black marker to colour an oval mouth on the ghost’s face, then dis­play your “hand­made” ghost for all to see. – Wash­ing­ton Post

A ghost from your hand­prints.PIC­TURES: WASH­ING­TON POST

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