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PAMELA has con­cerns about fi­bre: Q:

We have ap­plied for a fi­bre op­tic con­nec­tion for the in­ter­net and won­dered how the cabling gets from the pave­ment con­nec­tion to my router with­out mess­ing up my paving, walls or other per­ma­nent build­ing struc­tures within my prop­erty.

I have seen the de­struc­tion of pave­ments in Cape Town with much dis­gust – there has been dis­re­spect for prop­erty, mu­nic­i­pal and pri­vate. A:

I agree the dam­age done in the lay­ing of the main ca­bles is not pretty and the sup­pli­ers of this ser­vice must be­ware as they ap­proach the Ma­cAl­is­ter house­hold.

I was try­ing to work out the cost of lay­ing what must so far be a hor­ren­dous amount of ca­ble in this coun­try.

Hope­fully, at the end of the day, our lives will be ac­cel­er­ated and the cost of stay­ing in touch with the rest of the world will de­crease. Time alone will tell.

As fi­bre shows no signs of reach­ing our neigh­bour­hood yet, I have not delved too far into the next stage, so we called a friend of Mrs Mac who al­ready has fi­bre.

It would ap­pear it is not a com- pli­cated process, but is ob­vi­ously gov­erned by how close your house is to the pave­ment.

In ba­sic terms, it is a piece of wire in a nor­mal elec­tri­cal con­duit.

One would as­sume you will have a choice about where your feed will leave the pave­ment. This means you need to make sure it is in an area of soft ground amenable to the dig­ging of a small trench to bury the con­duit.

At some stage the con­duit will then be­come vis­i­ble on your walls as it goes up to­wards an en­try point into your home, un­less you want to start cut­ting chases to hide it.

Those of us with older houses are now re­signed to the fact that to cope with all the changes to our life­styles, we are happy with ex­posed con­duits that can al­ways be painted to match. Ob­vi­ously if you are busy with a new-build, take this into ac­count.

I be­lieve you are al­lowed so many me­tres of free cabling and then you have to pay if your wiring needs to be longer. I would rather pay ex­tra to run the ca­ble in eas­ier ar­eas than have to rip up brick paving or other fin­ishes.

Be­fore you em­ploy a builder, make sure you have both signed a valid con­tract.

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