When south-easter blows, strange noises will pin­point prob­lems

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THE SOUTH-easter is not my favourite ac­com­pa­ni­ment in sum­mer. I tend to find it de­press­ing even though it does keep down tem­per­a­tures, blows away pol­lu­tion, and makes our favourite moun­tain well-dressed. I don’t think we had too many days of re­ally strong north-westers dur­ing win­ter, but I’m sure the south­easter will find mis­chief to get up to. Use it as a re­minder about tasks you need to do by lis­ten­ing for un­usual sounds, such as flap­ping or bang­ing. The south­easter is show­ing you where dam­age lies and is giv­ing you plenty of warn­ing to get it fixed be­fore next win­ter.

I al­ready have one ex­am­ple: my neigh­bour found a large chunk of roof­ing malthoid that had blown off the roof of our gar­den shed. How many of us check on the con­di­tion of our sheds? The way costs are go­ing up we will not be able to re­place a lot of what we have, so we need to pro­tect and main­tain it all. Start by look­ing at the roof of your sheds or other out­build­ings.

The south-easter will also speed up evap­o­ra­tion on our dams. I hear the lev­els started to drop for the first time this week. If any­one in the know at the City of Cape Town is read­ing this, I would be in­ter­ested to know how far we are down the road with de­sali­na­tion and sink­ing bore­holes, and how much wa­ter this is pump­ing into the sys­tem. Or is ev­ery­thing okay un­til we start run­ning dry again?

With the sun creep­ing through the cur­tains ear­lier ev­ery day, Mrs Mac de­manded a bout of “let’s make space and clean up.” At the end of a hec­tic morn­ing, I want to en­dorse two prod­ucts.

The first, No More Nails, I have men­tioned be­fore. I was tasked with re­fix­ing ce­ramic door han­dles on to their spin­dles on kitchen cup­boards. Af­ter a hunt in the work­shop, I found a tube of No More Nails, man­u­fac­tured by Pat­tex, and the prob­lem was solved.

The next task was oil on the garage floor. Mrs Mac’s al­most “clas­sic” Mercedes has de­vel­oped a leak. A good spray of Su­per 10, from Golden Prod­ucts and a gen­tle scrub, and the floor looked as good as new.

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