Cut the kilo­joules that build that gut

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THERE it is – bulging out in all its glory. It prob­a­bly took years to grow and it brings some mea­sure of pride. But, gents, you shouldn’t be so proud of them, as they could be a pre­cur­sor to se­ri­ous illness.

The Cen­tre for Dis­ease Con­trol says men are more likely than women to drink ex­ces- sively and this is associated with an in­crease in health and safety risks.

South African Brew­eries (SAB) re­jected the claim that men’s waist­lines were linked to beer in­take and en­listed the ad­vice of Jo­han­nes­burg-based pri­vate prac­tice di­eti­cian Ashleigh Caradas. She said bel- lies usu­ally re­sulted from too high an in­take of kilo­joules. A beer con­tained around 630 kilo­joules (150 calo­ries) and about 12g of car­bo­hy­drates, which was less than the en­ergy found in a slice of bread.

So, men, this is Men’s Health Aware­ness month, so be more aware of your bulging gut.

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