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1917 – July filmed for the first time 1924 – Lame Oriel was nur­tured like a sick child and won the race by two lengths 1931 – Deemed most mis­er­able July, bad weather and won by a rank out­sider. The only happy punter was a Zu­l­u­land farmer who had planted mealie pips rep­re­sent­ing each of the run­ners.

The first one to sprout was Agrippa which he backed big time and which romped home at 50 – 1 1946 – First year that the jock­eys silks were dis­played in the Duffs Turf Guide 1949 – Ernie Duffield’s commentary was clocked at 217 words per minute ris­ing to 357 words a minute at the fi­nal 200 me­tres 1951 – Last July run over the road. There­after the track went over a sub­way. 1954 – Thieves tried to steal £103 000 July tak­ings but were ap­pre­hended be­fore they could get away 1958 – Stipendary stew­ards could keep in touch by walkie talkie for the first time 1961 – Last bets in pounds and shillings 1966 – Sea Cot­tage shot and wounded by gun­man 1967 – Sea Cot­tage and Jol­lify dead heated 1970 – Court Day, the sec­ond worse in the gal­lops went on to break the course record 1975 – Gate­crasher con­tro­ver­sially dis­qual­i­fied from first place af­ter veer­ing to­wards the rails and tak­ing Dis­tinctly to the out­side rail. Prin­ci­pal Boy was the even­tual win­ner and Gate­crasher third 1978 – Politi­cian be­came coun­try’s high­est stake owner in racing his­tory 1983 – Te­cla Bluff won the race but mil­lions of TV view­ers had to en­dure a silent race when the mi­cro­phones de­vel­oped a fault 1989 – Mud and mayem meant first six races cancelled. Right Pre­rog­a­tive won but later was trag­i­cally killed when the float he was trav­el­ling in over­turned. 1991 – Chil­dren were al­lowed into the July for the first time

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