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FOR those un­able to af­ford to pay for pest con­trol, Ian van Wyn­gaard of Ver­mi­na­tor has a few DIY meth­ods that can rid a home of cock­roaches.

Bait: Mix one ta­ble­spoon of wa­ter, one ta­ble­spoon of boric pow­der (Bo­rax) and one ta­ble spoon of sugar. Form a paste, roll paste into tiny balls about the size of a match­stick head and place where roaches have been seen as well as moist dark ar­eas, such as un­der the kitchen sink. The roaches eats the paste, and it de­hy­drat­es­them, which even­tu­ally causes them to die. They carry the paste back to the nest, which will af­fect the whole colony.

Sewer spray: Mix cit­ronella oil with wa­ter in a 10-to-1 ra­tio and pour into a hand sprayer. Spray the in­ner walls of your sewer ac­cess and drains.

House­keep­ing: Vac­uum be­hind kitchen ap­pli­ances reg­u­larly, never leave spills or food crumbs, seal food, seal cracks and try to keep the home cool.

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