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We can learn a lot from fairy­tales and fa­bles. Re­mem­ber the por­ridge pot that kept on pro­duc­ing an end­less sup­ply of the break­fast food. Then some­one put some­thing else into it – and it repli­cated that in­stead. We are a bit like those pots. Our hearts give and give. If we say it is fine to feel happy, that emo­tion just flows through us. If we choose mis­ery? Well, you get my point. The Grand Trine lets you put ideas into ac­tion. So, if what's com­ing from you now is un­ac­cept­able; just change what you put in!

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Love isn't a com­mod­ity to be traded. What lies within our hearts is al­ways be­yond price and should never be the sub­ject of ne­go­ti­a­tion. With Venus op­po­site your sign and con­junct Jupiter this week, you could be en­joy­ing more pop­u­lar­ity than you know. Also, some­one is very keen to feel that you be­long to them. But re­mem­ber, you may be de­sir­able but you are not mer­chan­dise to be bar­gained with. Venus brings you the power and fo­cus to know that only a truly fair ex­change of com­mit­ment will work now.

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This week's align­ments sug­gest you can find the in­ner re­serves needed to re­verse a sit­u­a­tion – or re­think an ar­range­ment. But to bring about change, you might need to step out­side your com­fort zone. You may usu­ally pre­fer the world of in­tel­lect, ra­tio­nal­ity and facts, a world where feel­ings and ab­stract thoughts are treated as in­ter­lop­ers. But that is where you need to ven­ture to bring any change you seek. Be­come flu­ent in the lan­guage of your heart and try to trust your in­ner voice of deep wis­dom.

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You might pride your­self on be­ing able to see change well ahead. But it some­times emerges un­ex­pect­edly. When what you signed up for changes into a dif­fer­ent op­por­tu­nity, it can throw you some­what. But unan­tic­i­pated change com­ing into your life, within a re­la­tion­ship or among a group of friends, may well be bet­ter than you had dared hope for. The cur­rent har­mony be­tween Saturn and Uranus lies be­hind a host of such events – and you can ben­e­fit – as long as you seize the mo­ment; it won't last long.

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Here is the news di­gest: Venus Jupiter and Nep­tune bring op­por­tu­nity and ex­cite­ment this week. Here is the news in full: All the above, plus the skies are full of op­por­tu­nity – and touched with a dose of re­al­ity and prac­ti­cal­ity that can help you do more than just dream about change. But how to get it? You know the time-hon­oured say­ings: ‘ Do unto oth­ers as you would have them do unto you’; 'You get what you give' and so on. Be the change you wish to see. A big sin­cere ges­ture will pay huge div­i­dends.

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'When love beck­ons . . . fol­low him . . . Though his ways are hard . . . and when his wings en­fold you, yield to him. Though the sword hid­den among his pin­ions may wound you.' The words of Jonathan's favourite poet, Kahlil Gi­bran, are per­fect for you right now. Love can be a rough ride; but ev­ery trough has a peak, and that peak is not far away. Re­cent stress­ful ex­pe­ri­ences might make you think the fates are against you. Not true. Venus, Jupiter and Nep­tune prom­ise hope and con­tent­ment.

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Fa­mil­iar­ity breeds con­tempt, they say. It's true with peo­ple, and true with en­vi­ron­ments too. Ur­ban-dwellers soon ig­nore traf­fic noise and city smells; ru­ral folk hardly no­tice coun­try noises and earthy aro­mas. Sim­i­larly, in re­la­tion­ships; we grow to ig­nore fac­tors in our emo­tional life that have grad­u­ally changed, and not al­ways for the bet­ter. Venus, Jupiter and Nep­tune bring a brief time of re­flec­tion, fo­cus and abil­ity to change. You just have to be will­ing to act on the in­sight this clar­ity con­fers on you.

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Ever heard of 'salami-slic­ing' tasks? Few peo­ple can eat a whole one (ei­ther meat or veg­etable) at a sin­gle sit­ting, but if you slice the mon­ster food thinly, you'll find it can be de­voured grad­u­ally. So too with tasks. You've known for a while that you need a big change in your emo­tional life; it could be to do with a one-to-one re­la­tion­ship, or a need to broaden your cir­cle of friends. You can't do it all at once, but you can make a start and take the first step.

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Na­ture brims over with new be­gin­nings: new dawns, new sea­sons and new moons. The skies speak of change. It may be dif­fi­cult to ac­cept that this is needed, but it will lead to re­newal, suc­cess and joy. That's the prom­ise you are re­ceiv­ing from Venus' con­junc­tion with your ruler, and the Grand Trine in­volv­ing Saturn in your sign. Open up to what's on of­fer; a peace­ful, har­mo­nious fu­ture is pos­si­ble.

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There's one thing that can­not be con­fused this week – the tremen­dous sup­port avail­able to you. Your ruler Saturn's link to Uranus, form­ing a Grand Trine with the Moon while Venus links to Pluto, sug­gests an amaz­ing time awaits. You just have to ask for it.

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In old video game ar­cades, ev­ery kid wanted to make the leader­board. But on those an­cient ma­chines, com­puter mem­ory was small–- and you of­ten got just three let­ters to mark a tri­umph. At least, that's what the games com­pa­nies said. I sus­pect they re­ally wanted to avoid cer­tain four-let­ter words ap­pear­ing. I men­tion this be­cause you have a chance for you heart to hit new heights. But first you must break down a com­mu­ni­ca­tion bar­rier. It's an aus­pi­cious time, but don't be a per­son of few words.

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You have a deep con­nec­tion to a spe­cial per­son. Yes, ten­sions may arise from time to time. That's nat­u­ral. What mat­ters is that the re­la­tion­ship is nour­ished and trea­sured. Re­mem­ber: sym­pa­thy is when you feel for a per­son; em­pa­thy is when you feel with them! All this per­son wants to know is that you have em­pa­thy, even when you dis­agree with them. And isn't that all you want to know about how some­one else feels too? The Grand Trine en­cour­ages you to com­mu­ni­cate your feel­ings.

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