Dads-to-be join baby shower tango:

Weekend Post (South Africa) - - FRONT PAGE - Siya Tsewu

IT takes two to tango and men are now hav­ing their own baby show­ers.

While in the past baby show­ers were con­sid­ered to be women’s func­tions, more re­cently many cou­ples have had joint baby show­ers.

The trend has been wel­comed by the Com­mis­sion for Gen­der Equal­ity (CGE).

CGE na­tional spokesman Javu Baloyi said gen­der stereo­types were slowly be­ing bro­ken down.

“It is no longer taboo for men to be in­volved in their part­ner’s preg­nan­cies. Men are present in the de­liv­ery rooms, cut­ting um­bil­i­cal cords, so it is only nat­u­ral that they are in­volved in other as­pects as well,” Baloyi said.

“We do not want men to be out­siders in their chil­dren’s lives. That is why we are fight­ing for pa­ter­nity leave to in­crease from 10 to 30 days.

“We want men to be able to be away from the of­fice to take their ba­bies for im­mu­ni­sa­tions.”

Wanga Mjoli, 30, an East London man who re­cently had a baby shower, said: “It was re­ally a shocker for me, I never ex­pected it. I felt like run­ning away but I was grate­ful for the ges­ture.

“I had never seen a baby shower specif­i­cally for the father . . . I re­ceived the typ­i­cal things that peo­ple give to women at baby show­ers. I got clothes, nap­pies and bath items.”

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