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SANDY GESWINT ABDOLl: No won­der he re­fused to step down, too busy try­ing to cover his tracks.

ILSE TASNEEM WILKEN: What hap­pened to all that money? It could not have dis­ap­peared into thin air. I hope this Cheeky chappy and all his cronies are nailed for life.

SI­MON BEZUIDENHOUT: Cheeky what have you done..? You used to be such a re­li­gious fam­ily.

TONY COMPTON: It’s a no-brainer. At­tach ev­ery­thing in his per­sonal ca­pac­ity. Prob­a­bly will blame the ac­coun­tant.

BEV­ER­LEY GRAY MACE: Cheeky al­ways had a glib an­swer when asked about money.

AN­DREW BOWKER: Some­body’s head or heads must roll. Cor­rup­tion theft and mis­man­age­ment. And we thought that only gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials did this.

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