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SA needs a miracle One greedy, un­e­d­u­cated man, his fam­ily and a band of rob­bers has brought SA to its knees. We need a miracle. Wonga ‘Ni­tida’ not ‘Ntida’ wine The eyes have it? There are two in Ni­tida wine. See head­line! Alan

I al­ways watch head­lines (they are rather ob­vi­ous if er­ro­neous). Week­end Post, page 8 Ntida should be Ni­tida.

Brian May­ers – Thanks for point­ing out the er­ror in our head­line. We apol­o­gise for the over­sight. – The ed­i­tor Thank you, Donna De­pres­sion – Donna van der Watt. Thank you for your ar­ti­cle. You have given me strength in know­ing that I am not alone. Mitch Donna, thank you for be­ing brave enough to share your story and give hope to us who hide in the shad­ows fear­ing what peo­ple may think. LG Larger Sudoku num­bers Is there a rea­son why the Sudoku puz­zle nu­mer­als are so small? There is plenty of space for larger fig­ures. Leon

How about mak­ing the Sudoku num­bers a wee bit larger? Just so that we pen­sion­ers with lim­ited vi­sion can also play? Peter L – We hope the larger Sudoku this week keeps your week­end puz­zling eas­ier and hap­pier. – The ed­i­tor Rhi­nos en­dan­gered Why are peo­ple sur­prised when a rhino is killed? It has been go­ing on for years, one day it will be too late! Sarah Cubs a miracle bless­ing Res­cued lionesses have cubs. Thank God I per­se­vered to re­port see­ing the cubs on our trip to Addo on De­cem­ber 20 2014, oth­er­wise there would have been NO miracle new cubs. Thanks to Tre­maine van Aardt for the ar­ti­cle that led to so many peo­ple search­ing for, and find­ing, the or­phans.

Jac­qui Brill

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