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“RUDE Bri­tan­nia” and “Draw­ing a re­ac­tion” ( sought peace. June 12) were a ma­jor ed­i­fica

De Neef writes that the “po­ten­tial tion for those ig­no­rant of the for con­fu­sion is ab­sent in the Bi­ble, fact that car­toon­ing is one of in which Je­sus Christ un­equiv­o­cally the high­est forms of in­tel­lec­tual re­nounces art. any com­pul­sion or vi­o­lence”. Is he re­fer­ring to the oft-reUn­like bright colours and peated verse that if “some­one strikes you on one cheek; turn to him the other also?” How prac­ti­cal is this in­junc­tion? Men­tion­ing in­ci­dents with­out proper con­tex­tual analy­ses could lead to po­lar­is­ing in­ter­pre­ta­tions. ARSHAD HOOSEN

How­ick • Letters on Is­lam were also re­ceived from Ali Ebrahim of Ne­wholmes, Pi­eter­mar­itzburg; M. Clark of Himeville; and Rory N. Whyte of Dur­ban. shapes on a can­vas, il­lus­tra­tive car­toon­ing cap­tures a moment and is of­ten doc­u­men­tary and hu­mor­ous, high­light­ing many as­pects of life for pos­ter­ity.

Well done to

MARIA COLLINS Pel­ham, Pi­eter­mar­itzburg

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