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I DIS­AGREE with Thula Ndlovu ( May 29). Free­dom of ex­pres­sion does not mean you have to in­sult, of­fend or show dis­re­spect to King Good­will Zwelithini.

Ndlovu dis­ap­proves of the govern­ment giv­ing the king mil­lions of rands of tax­pay­ers’ money.

How­ever, tra­di­tional lead­ers and coun­cils have an ac­tive and im­por­tant role to play in lo­cal govern­ment devel­op­ment pro­grammes and ser­vice de­liv­ery. The Tra­di­tional Lead­er­ship and Gov­er­nance Frame­work Act of 2003 recog­nises this. One can­not change the law ce­mented in the Con­sti­tu­tion.

FRED WAG­NER East­wood, Pi­eter­mar­itzburg COR­RE­SPON­DENT Robert de Neef ( Week­end Wit­ness, June 19) is of the view that the Qur’an it­self cre­ates con­fu­sion. He points out that the Qur’an teaches both that there should be “no com­pul­sion in re­li­gion,” and to “lay siege around the cities of un­be­liev­ers”.

He fails to men­tion that the con­text of the lat­ter rev­e­la­tion refers to a spe­cific wartime con­di­tion when the un­be­liev­ers had trans­gressed peace treaties. In fact, a thor­ough read­ing of chap­ter nine in the Qur’an would re­veal the mech­a­nisms and strat­a­gem re­quired to at­tain peace. The com­mands are un­am­bigu­ous, di­rect­ing Mus­lims to es­cort pa­gan com­bat­ants to a place of se­cu­rity if they

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