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PI­ETER­MAR­ITZBURG res­i­dents are once again look­ing sky­wards and re­port­ing that they have seen strange things.

Cyril Fer­rier, who lives in town, said he saw a bright light in the sky on Thurs­day night at around 8.25 pm.

“It wasn’t flash­ing; it was a very solid bright, white light that trav­elled for a while.”

He said it was sim­i­lar to a star, but brighter, and it trav­elled from about the train sta­tion to about where Pick n Pay stands in Church Street.

“It wasn’t like a car’s head­lights or a torch; this light was con­stant. It was brighter than the other stars in the sky.”

Fer­rier was adamant that the light wasn’t a heli­copter or a plane, and def­i­nitely not a lantern or a flare.

Mzi­wandile Xaba, who lives in In­changa, also saw a light.

“I found it strange. It looked like a star, but it was mov­ing. I showed it to my fam­ily and they thought it was a plane.”

The di­rec­tor of the cos­mol­ogy sec­tion of the As­tro­nom­i­cal So­ci­ety of South­ern Africa, Frikkie de Bruyn, who lives in Pi­eter­mar­itzburg, said he didn’t see the light. “If it was fairly low on the ground, it was a me­te­orite. If it was high in the sky, it may have been a satel­lite or even the In­ter­na­tional Space Sta­tion.”

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