Marsh­mal­lows and co­coa sor­bet:

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Marsh­mal­lows: Yield: 2x18x16 cm trays 150 ml water 30 ml gela­tine pow­der 5 ml vanilla essence 450 g white sugar 200 ml warm water 225 ml liq­uid glu­cose 1 egg white 45 ml ic­ing sugar, sifted 45 ml corn­flour, sifted •Place the 150 ml water, gela­tine pow­der and vanilla essence into a stain­less steel bowl and dis­solve over a dou­ble boiler. Re­move from the heat once dis­solved and leave this bowl on the dou­ble boiler •Dis­solve the sugar and warm water over a low heat •Stir in the glu­cose and once added stop stir­ring and bring this to 118°C •Place the liq­uid gela­tine mix­ture into a mix­ing bowl. Start whisk­ing and slowly pour in the glu­cose mix­ture while the ma­chine is whisk­ing. Con­tinue whisk­ing un­til this mix­ture is cooled down •Once cooled down add the egg white slowly •Oil the trays and then mix the corn­flour and ic­ing sugar to­gether. Lightly sprin­kle the trays with this •Pour the marsh­mal­low mix­ture into th­ese trays. Al­low to set overnight •Cut into de­sired shapes and sizes with a knife that has been coated in the same corn­flour and ic­ing sugar mix­ture, as this makes it eas­ier. Once cut roll the marsh­mal­lows in this mix­ture as well. Co­coa Sor­bet: Yields: 500 ml 700 ml water 250 ml white sugar 250 ml co­coa pow­der •Place all the in­gre­di­ent in a pot on the heat, bring to the boil and stir un­til the sugar is dis­solved •Leave in the fridge overnight •Churn in an ice cream ma­chine. If an ice cream ma­chine is not avail­able, put chilled mix­ture into the freezer. Whisk ev­ery 30 min­utes un­til frozen to cre­ate a light, fluffy sor­bet. 2 Granadil­las, in­side pulp re­moved •When serv­ing place the marsh­mal­low balls onto a plate, scoop Parisi­enne balls of co­coa sor­bet and serve with granadilla pulp and can­died sugar balls, if avail­able. Gar­nish with fresh flow­ers and serve im­me­di­ately.


Marsh­mal­low and granadilla

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