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TOP the world I want to get off!” I say this of­ten when I read the news­pa­per th­ese days. It seems that the bizarre and ridicu­lous are now safely in the do­main of the ac­cept­able and con­ven­tional.

I have a sneak­ing sus­pi­cion that I am be­com­ing one of those old-fash­ioned farts who I used to snig­ger at in my youth and swore I would never be­come. Th­ese days, I of­ten find things out­ra­geous and my tem­per­a­ture is eas­ily sent shoot­ing up the ther­mome­ter. Things are no longer the same. The world has changed and, sadly, so have I.

I used to think I was hip and funky. But all ev­i­dence points to the con­trary.

Ex­hibit num­ber one — sen­si­ble shoes. I re­ally think com­fort­able shoes far out­weigh any footwear that claims to be stylish or sexy, and if they are re­motely un­com­fort­able, there is no way they get near my feet.

My friend snig­gered at me for years when I con­fessed to her that Crocs could dou­ble up as win­ter shoes if you wore socks — I was scorned and mocked. It took a few years, but I was smug with vic­tory when I spot­ted her wear­ing them. Of course, I can­not wear them to din­ner par­ties, but I try.

Ex­hibit num­ber two — elas­tic waists. All my

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