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OLD Mrs Fother­ing­ham, now, she de­clares she would never be­long to any party other than the DA. One doesn’t just vote for a party, un­der­stand, you have to be­long to it. In­deed, Mrs Fother­ing­ham is so old and wrin­kled up she re­mem­bers be­long­ing to the United Party, which no mor­tal be­ing re­mem­bers other than she; if you want to know about the United Party you have to click it on Google and up will come Jan Smuts 1945. But in so­ci­o­log­i­cal fact the party that Mrs F re­ally re­ally be­longs to un­til this very day is the Pro­gres­sive Party 1968, an­ces­tor of the DA, bear­ing the same genes. Click it on Google and see what the PP de­cided in 1968.

Mrs Fother­ing­ham is an old-time Prog; I mean she be­lieves one should be fair to ev­ery­body, and ev­ery­body should know their place, not just Africans. This be­lief she de­clares with a moth­erly smile. Afrikan­ers can only be Cau­casian and she still calls them Nats and they too should know their place and not be so in­hu­mane about Africans. A black man born in Eng­land can’t be called an English­man but a Colo­nial Bri­ton, sim­i­larly a white per­son born in Africa can’t be called an African be­cause that’s re­served for black per­sons; she/he can be called an Afrikaner but that is re­served for peo­ple of Dutch de­scent, whenceto­fore we of Bri­tish de­scent who speak English round here see our­selves as Na­tal English. All this is self-ev­i­dent. Progs know their ax­ioms.

Then af­ter a pause and some gen­teel re­flec­tion Mrs F fur­ther de­clares in a sad sort of moth­erly way she wouldn’t mind too much if all our In­di­ans found a place to know some­where else, ex­cept of course the Singhs who run the Curry Den at the Um­bilo Mall, but then they’re

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