Are you the jerk at work?

TROLL: 10 ques­tions to de­ter­mine if you are the of­fice bully

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WHILE many of us thought that bul­ly­ing would stop once we left school it turned out we were wrong. Bul­ly­ing, it seems, is just in some peo­ple’s na­ture.

From back-stab­bing at the of­fice to steal­ing sales and bad-mouthing co-work­ers on the sales floor, the truth is that bul­lies are every­where. The ques­tion is: are you one of them?

Want to find out? Just in­di­cate whether the fol­low­ing state­ments are true or false: 1. Your co-work­ers are more like com­peti­tors than team-mates. 2. When you talk to peo­ple they tend to avoid di­rect eye con­tact, quickly be­come ner­vous and scurry away as soon as they can. 3. Your job of point­ing out oth­ers’ mis­takes is taken se­ri­ously, how else are they go­ing to learn? 4. You would be quick to ad­mit your own mis­takes if ever you made any. 5. Your jokes can get a bit per­sonal some­times, but you’ve got to ad­mit they’re funny. 6. Peo­ple seem guarded when you speak to them, but then again they al­ways seem to be gos­sip­ing about some­thing or other. 7. You don’t trust the peo­ple you work with and they don’t trust you. 8. You some­what en­joy watch­ing oth­ers squirm and suf­fer — who doesn’t? 9. One of the most use­ful forms of com­mu­ni­ca­tion is the glare. 10. You find it ter­ri­bly dif­fi­cult to be gen­uinely pleased when some­one who is not you does some­thing right for a change.

If you an­swered “True” to more than a few of th­ese you might want to re­think the way you choose to in­ter­act with peo­ple, or risk for­ever be­ing known as “that jerk at work”.

— Women24.


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