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UU­ra­nium is named for the planet Uranus. Be­cause ura­nium is ra­dioac­tive and al­ways de­cay­ing, ra­dium is al­ways found with ura­nium ores. Ura­nium is 40 times more nat­u­rally abun­dant than sil­ver. It was dis­cov­ered in 1789.

KEat­ing more potas­sium works in con­cert with a low­sodium diet to lower blood pres­sure, and potas­sium is es­sen­tial not only for heart health, but for the skele­tal and mus­cle sys­tems as well.

Cop­per has been known to hu­mans since pre­his­toric times. Record shows that it has been mined for more than 5 000 years. His­to­ri­ans even call the pe­riod of time be­tween the Ne­olithic and Bronze Ages the Cop­per Age. Cop­per’s atomic sym­bol Cu is de­rived...

Bromine is named af­ter the Greek word “bro­mos” mean­ing stench be­cause bromine smells … “stinky”. Ele­men­tal bromine is a toxic sub­stance and can cause cor­ro­sion burns when ex­posed to skin. The an­cient royal pur­ple dye called Tyr­ian Pur­ple is a bromine...

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