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DEMO­CRATIC Al­lianc e shado w polic e min­is­ter Dianne K oh­ler­Barnard said that the un­will­ingne ss o f polic e t o com­mu­ni­cate r eal­time in­ci­dent s w as an e ffort t o pr otect the imag e o f Riah Phiy ega. “Her t eam ha ve one mis­sion onl y: pr otect Phiy ega.”

She said that the an­nual r

elease o f of a crime in Pi­eter­mar­itzburg. It made far more sense that a po­lice com­mu­ni­ca­tions of­fi­cer at­tended the scene of a crime the y were c om­ment­ing on.

“It’s like a r eturn to apartheid days when all polic e c om­mu­ni­ca­tion w as routed via P re­to­ria. T he S A N ational Ed­i­tors’ Fo­rum [Sanef] must also share the bur den of sort­ing this out. ”

He said he felt the prob­lem was ex­ac­er­bated by the ap­point­ment of Lieu­tenant­Gen­eral Solomon Mak­gale, a civil­ian, as the na­tional head of po­lice com­ crime s tatis­tics, when ar ea spe­cific num­bers us ed t o be r eleased onc e a month, w as adv erse t o fight­ing crime .

“Cit­i­zens shoul d ha ve r eal­time s tatis­tics at all s tations s o that the y ar e able t o check on hap­pen­ing s in their neigh­bour­hoods r ather than hop­ing they’ll he ar on the s treet.” mu­ni­ca­tions.

Claire Craw­ley of the Piet er­mar­itzburg c om­mu­nity polic­ing f orum said she be­lie ves c om­mu­ni­ties “de­serve t o know what is hap­pen­ing ar ound them at all times. It is im­por­tant that the po­lice warn and up­date the pub­lic so they can be vig­i­lant and a void an y risk s.” • If you be­come aware of a se­ri­ous crime in your area you think should be re­ported on, l et us kno w. Call Je ff Wick s at 082 073 8565 or S tephanie Sa ville at 033 355 1127.

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