Ragers r eady t o g o crazy

Matrics pre­pare to party hard at Rage fes­ti­val

Weekend Witness - - Ne Ws - RAISA SOOD YAL

BAL­LITO is awash with tank tops, biki­nis, flip­flops and mar­ti­nis as the 2014 Ma­tric R age be gins this w eek­end.

The nor­mally com­posed beach town was filled with ex­cited “Ragers” keen for the week of non­s top par­ty­ing ahead.

From scenes of just legs dan­gling out of mov­ing cars, to young women tan­ning on the beaches, this year’s Rage fes­ti­val seemed t o be alr eady well un­der way when Week­end Wit­ness vis­ited yes­ter­day.

Of­fload­ing case s of alc ohol and stock­ing up on c on­doms, the R agers made sure they were well pre­pared for the e vent.

Skye Neu­menn (19) from Glen­wood, who fin­ished writ­ing his e xams on Wed­nes­day, said he planned on not sleep­ing.

“We came to the Rage be­cause it is a fr ee r ea­son t o g et f **ed up .

“We have s tocked up on c on­doms. We have con­doms, and the Vi­a­gra,” he said.

“It is go­ing to be a hea vy nine days of thrills.”

Dion J acobs (20 ) fr om Glen wood, who ma­tric­u­lat ed t wo y ears ag o, but was at Rage with his friends, said: “We are here to get to­gether, get tanned, see girls and ha ve fun with the ous.

“We have so much al­co­hol. Let’s just say there is no food in the fridge, there’s just alc ohol.”

Suzette Cronjé ( 40) fr om Mpumalanga ac com­panied her son t o Bal­lito to see that he was well looked after and that he beha ved him­self.

“I said ‘the only way you will be able to make the Ma­tric Rage is if I am go­ing with y ou’.

“I e xpect it t o g et loud and v ery drunk, but he will be manag eable be­cause there are proper rules and reg­u­la­tions.”

“I’m con­fi­dent ev­ery­thing is go­ing to work out smoothl y,” C ronjé said.

Jessica de W et (18), w ho t rav­elled from Cape Town, said she was ready to party and r ecover.

“There is g oing t o be lot s of F our Cousins,” said De W et.

“It is go­ing to be party, re­cover and get a tan, beach, party, beach, party then beach, p arty.”

Ni­cole Wocke (18) said that Rage is what g ot her thr ough her e xams.

“We fin­ished exams on Wed­nes­day, thank g ood­ness,” she said.

“I plan on ha ving as much fun as I can bef ore we ha ve t o g o home.

“My p ar­ents ar e e xpect­ing S MSes and pic­tur es 24/7.

“We have not done any­thing like this be­fore and this is the fir st time a way from our p ar­ents, so it’s 10 da ys away and seven girls in a house,” Wocke added. • r aisa.soodyal@wit­ness.co.za


Glen­wood bo ys, Cal e L om­bard, Bong ani Majo zi, Sk ye Neu­mann, S tephen Luc as, AJ S mith and Luk e L es­eran, who com­pleted their Ma­tric e xams this w eek, r elax on the be ach in Bal­lit o ahe ad o f the R age f es­ti­val p arties.

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