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JUS­TICE in the f orm of an eight­y ear and 10­month jail sent ence f or Sanele M ay will be c old c om­fort f or the f am­i­lies of the 2 4 peo­ple he killed in an ac­ci­dent on Field’ s Hill last y ear — a lit tle o ver f our months f or ev­ery lif e t aken.

While M ay ad­mit ted kno wing his dri ving per­mit s were not le giti­mate, and that he had mis­rep­re­sent ed t o his em­plo yer that the y w ere v alid, he is not the onl y guilty par ty in this sorry de­ba­cle.

His em­plo yer, Sag ekal L ogis­tics, f ailed t o v er­ify the le ­ giti­macy of his per­mit s and put him be­hind the w heel de­spite him f ail­ing a dri ving t est t wo w eeks bef ore the ac­ci­dent. Sag ekal also re­mains un­scathed de­spit e hand­ing M ay an un­road wor­thy 18­w heeler that had an e xpired lic ence disk.

Politi­cians and traff ic au­thor­i­ties w ho f ailed t o heed the man y w arn­ings about the threat posed b y tr ucks on Field’s Hill should ha ve been charg ed along side M ay. Trans­port MEC W il­lies M chunu said he sa w no rea­son why Sag ekal w as not also charg ed, and called f or puni­tive mea­sures ag ain v ehi­cle o wn­ers w ho vi­o­lat e traff ic laws — too lit tle t oo lat e. T o un­dersc ore the dang er, a woman w as killed y es­ter­day, the same da y M ay w as sentenced, w hen another tr uck v eered out of c on­trol tra vel­ling do wn Field’ s Hill.

How man y more must die bef ore a so­lu­tion is f ound?

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