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Wood carv er Hans Schw abl ( 26) paint s at a tr adi­tional w ooden P er­chten mask in his f ac­tory in Inzel l, south­ern Ger­many . The masks ar e made f or the upc om­ing Saint Nic olas But tn­mandl and P er­chten par ades in No vem­ber and Dec em­ber ar ound the Alp re­gions, in south­ern Ger­many and A us­tria. Dur­ing the But tn­mandl par ades, un­mar­ried men, kno wn as But tn­mandl and Kram­pusse, are d ressed in str aw or skins with w ooden masks or skins o ver their heads and lar ge c ow­bells tied around their hips to mak e l oud noise s. The y f ol­low Saint Ni­cholas fr om house t o house on Dec em­ber 5 and 6 e very y ear t o bring luck t o the g ood ones and pun­ish the idl e. The P er­chten par ades tak e plac e af ter Chris tmas. PHOTO: AP

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