Don’t overdo it at par­ties

Tips to help you stay on the path of good health

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IT’S all too easy to overindulge in food and drink at par­ties, but there are things you can do to make sure you don’t stray too f ar off the p ath of g ood health.

“In a p arty at­mo­spher e w e oft en throw the rule book out the windwo and treat our­selves more than usual,” said Lori Rosen­thal, a di­eti­tian in New York.

“Even the mos t dis­ci­plined can let their guard down, filling up on oodf and drink and do­ing thing s that the y later wish the y hadn’ t.” TIPS F OR HOLID AY P ARTY­GO­ERS Be­fore the part y Eat­ing a healthy snack be­fore you leave home will help limit ho w much high­calo­rie food you eat at a party. Drink­ing wa­ter or other non­al­co­holic bev­er­ages be­fore can also re­duce your de­sire to eat and drink a lot at a p arty. Look at the f ood op­tions Check out the f ood op­tions at a p arty and choose wisely. Use a smaller plat e to keep your por­tion sizes down. Stand­ing away from the food ta­ble will re­duce your snack­ing . The drink s Hav­ing a glas s of w ater be­tween each al­co­holic drink will help limit the al­co­hol’s eff ect. Sip c ock­tails slo wly. Keep track of ho w man y drink s y ou ha ve. After the par ty Drink­ing wa­ter the morn­ing after a party can help a headache and it c oun­ter­acts the high salt lev­els in party foods.

Fruits such as b ananas and mang os help r eplace electr olytes. — Health24.


Fin­ger f oods, p as­tries, oil y snack s and f oods with a high sal t c on­tent ar e common at p arties. Go e asy at the snack tabl e and be c au­tious o f what you e at dur­ing the f es­tive s ea­son.

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