When it’ s time t o move hous e

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SOME peo­ple lik e mov­ing house as it gives them the feel­ing of hav­ing a fresh start e very f ew y ears.

But for most of us, mov­ing is stress­ful and we pre­fer to put it off f or as long as pos sible.

Some­times it is r eally ne ces­sary though, said Richard Gray, CEO of Har­courts R eal E state. T here ar e c er­tain signs that the time has c ome f or you to s tart look­ing f or a ne w home.

The most c om­mon of the se is that your fam­ily has out­grown your cur­rent home. As chil­dren get older they need more sp ace, such as their o wn bed­rooms and their o wn study or r ecre­ation ar­eas. They also don’t nec­es­sar­ily leave home th­ese days as soon as they’ve fin­ished study­ing, and if you also need to ac com­mo­date ag eing p ar­ents, it is likely that you will need a big­ger home.

Sim­i­larly, if y ou were sin­gle but ar e now part of a cou­ple, you will prob­a­bly want t o move soon fr om your tr endy apart­ment t o some­thing big ger.

New mar­riages and part­ner­ships are another ma­jor r ea­son f or peo­ple t o move home. Or, your fam­ily has grown up and g one off t o set up their o wn homes and you sud­denly have too many rooms you don’t even use and a big gar­den that is tr ou­ble­some t o maint ain.

And if you are about to re­tire or have al­ready done so, you may feel the time has come to sell and move to a new place that gi ves y ou mor e se­cu­rit y, bet ter weather, and more free­dom to do what you want. There are sev­eral other ma­jor rea­sons t o move. • FI­NAN­CIAL W ORRIES If you are strain­ing to pay your util­ity bills and run­ning c osts on top of your home­loan r epay­ment e very month, you should con­sider mov­ing soon to a more aff ord­able home. • TRANS­PORT WOES If you’re weary of traf­fic or a long and costly c om­mute each da y, it ma y well be time t o move closer t o work. • TOO MUCH MAIN­TE­NANCE Some peo­ple love DIY but if you want to spend y our week­ends do­ing some­thing other than mo wing the la wn or retil­ing the bath­room, maybe you need to move to a com­plex where some­one else will t ake car e of maint enance.

A move is ur gen­tly in­di­cated if y ou be­lieve that your neigh­bour­hood is go­ing into a de­cline. “If you no­tice more lit­ter, more loi­ter­ers, more empty shops and houses, and mor e crime or polic e ac­tiv­ity, the writ­ing is on the w all.”

— Business Ed­i­tor.


For mo st o f us, mo ving is s tress­ful.

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