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THE r and f ell t o a w eek’s lo w ag ainst the dol­lar at 11, 0675 y es­ter­day, lo sing gr ound after the tr ade deficit widened t o a r ecord R21,33 bil­lion in Oct ober.

Gov­ern­ment bonds e xtended the pr evi­ous day’s gains, with the yield f or the 2026 bench­mark shed­ding 6 .5 ba­sis point s t o end at 7 ,61%, near the 1­ 1/ 2 y ear lo w o f 7,605% t ouched ear­lier in the s es­sion.

Stocks slid 1, 6%, with pe tro­chem­i­cals firm Sas ol tum­bling 8 ,2% t o R46 1,95 af ter oil hit a f our­year lo w.

The bench­mark T op­40 inde x dr opped 1,6% t o 44 206 . The br oad All­Shar e inde x fell 1, 3% t o 4 9 911.

Mean­while, div er­si­fied miner BHP Bil­lit ­ on Plc dr opped 5, 7% t o R262, 10. Bil­lit on was the bigg est sin­gle dr ag on the bench­mark Top­40, shav­ing nearly 27 0 point s o ff the inde x. — R euters.

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