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hold­ing jus tice.

To­gether, this cr ack t eam o f highly tr ained s oldiers fight f or hon­our, f or v alour, f or l ove and jus t for the pur e thrill o f it .

When D ’Artag­nan (Luk e P asqualino) ar­riv es in P aris t o a venge his fa­ther’s de ath, he s oon impr esses the Musk eteers with his br avery and skill, and quickl y dis cov­ers kin­dred spirit s in the se bois ter­ous s oldiers.

In a s eries all about p as­sion, loy­alty, her oism and br oth­er­hood, D’Artag­nan and the Musk eteers face a c on­tin­u­ing s trug­gle t o main- tain or der and pr otect King L ouis and Queen Anne ( Alexan­dra Do wl­ing), whil e out wit­ting the machi­na­tions o f the shado wy Car di­nal Riche­lieu (P eter Cap aldi o f Doc­tor Who, and The Hour f ame) as he ruth­lessly s trives t o achie ve his vi­sion o f a mod­ern F rance al ong with his hir ed as­sas­sin, the be au­ti­ful but my ste­ri­ous Mil ady de Win­ter (Maimie McCo y).

At­tract­ing a pe ak o f mor e than nine mil­lion vie wers in the Unit ed King­dom, The Musk eteers was c om­mis­sioned f or a s econd s eries, which has jus t c om­pleted film­ing.

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