Weekend Witness - - Ar Ts -

cor­po­rate all the spic es int o the liq­uid.

Cover and sim­mer f or 1½ t o 2 hours, t op­ping up the w ater af ter ev­ery 15 mins.

When done , the tr ot­ters shoul d be t en­der t o the t ouch, me at and skin f alling o ff the bone . R es­erve cook­ing liq­uid. SUGAR BEANS 250 ml ( 1 cup ) dried sug ar be ans 1 t sp sal t 1 t sp turmeric po wder 1 litre ( 4 cup s) w ater METHOD Place all ingr edi­ents in po t. Bring t o boil. R educe he at, c over, sim­mer un­til be ans ar e s oft. R emove fr om heat and all ow t o c ool. R es­erve

cook­ing liq­uid. DHAL ¾ cup pe a dhal ¾ cup gr am dhal 1 r ed chilli 1 t sp sal t 1 t sp turmeric po wder 2 cl oves g ar­lic 1½ litr es o f w ater METHOD Mix all ingr edi­ents in l arge po t. Pour in 4 cup s o f w ater, bring t o boil, s tir­ring oc ca­sion­ally.

Cover and sim­mer un­til dhal is soft. R emove fr om he at. R emove dhal and all ow t o c ool. R es­erve cook­ing liq­uid. BRAISED CHUTNE Y 4 tb sp oil 1 s tick cin­na­mon ½ t sp mus tard s eeds 1 t sp f en­nel s eeds 2 b ay l eaves 1 l arge onion, finel y dic ed 1 gr een chilli, slic ed 1 t sp gr ound ging er 1 t sp g ar­lic, cr ushed 1 sprig curry l eaves 2 t oma­toes, gr ated 1 t sp turmeric po wder 1 tb sp mix ed masal a 2 t sp fr esh thyme METHOD Heat oil and cin­na­mon s tick in large po t. A dd mus tard s eeds and curry l eaves, all ow s eeds t o pop . Add f en­nel s eeds, b ay l eaves and onion, c on­tinue t o fry un­til onion turns g olden.

Stir in chilli, gr ound ging er and METHOD Mix dhal, sug ar be ans, and all r es­erved liq­uids.

Add tr ot­ters. Gentl y l adle this into chutne y. R eturn t o s tove, sim­mer on medium he at 30-40 min­utes. S prin­kle in g aram masal a. Sea­son with sal t if r equired. Gar­nish with c orian­der.

Serve with ric e.

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