Weekend Witness - - G Ames -

• Make sur e the siz e and speed/ load­ing r at­ings o f y our t yres con­form t o the spe­cific ations in the o wner’s man­ual. • Check t yres and rims f or any ac­ci­den­tal damag e af ter hit ting pot­holes, curb s tones or o ther ob­sta­cles in the r oad. • Be sur e t o ha ve y our t yres, brakes, shock ab sor­bers and rims check ed when s er­vic­ing your c ar. • A c ar’s wheel align­ment shoul d be t ested at r egu­lar int er­vals t o ob­tain e ven tr ead w ear and max­imise the lif es­pan o f t yres. Safety tip: If a t yre bur sts, do not appl y the br akes; r ather us e the g ears t o sl ow do wn the c ar.

A sud­den chang e in dir ec­tion or br aking on a fl at t yre c an r esult in l oss o f c on­trol. R ather risk l os­ing one wheel than dam­ag­ing mor e o f y our c ar.

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