How t o giv e gr eat f eed­back

More peo­ple will lis ten to you if you ar e more pos­i­tive than neg­a­tive

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PRO­VID­ING im­port ant f eed­back is about more than jus t giv­ing your col­leagues neg­a­tive com­ments. Your feed­back needs t o be in­sight­ful and w ell thought out or it may just fall on deaf ears. Here’s how to make the mos t of your words. Don’t blab on If you’re gi ving f eed­back to some­one, you should ha ve knowl­edge about the sub­ject.

Make sure you use that kno wledge, along with w hat y ou know about the company, be­fore you start telling ev­ery­one what should chang e.

Ev­ery c om­pany has it s o wn way of do­ing things and what worked for your pre­vi­ous c om­pany ma y not w ork f or your cur­rent one. So g et fa­mil­iar with the comp any’s s ys­tems and pr ocesses first be­fore leap­ing in, as you don’t want to be the c ol­league e very­one a voids. Pos­i­tive is bet ter than neg ative Many peo­ple get this part wrong. Feed­back is be st ac cepted w hen y ou gi ve more pos­i­tive than ne gative feed­back.

Telling peo­ple w hat the y’re do­ing wrong all the time is not go­ing to earn you any brownie points with your peers.

Make sure you give at least three pos­i­tive things f or ev­ery change you sug­gest.

Peo­ple will want to lis­ten to you more if y ou pr es­ent f eed­back this w ay. If you’re wor­ried about your ideas not be­ing r ecog­nised as y our o wn, it’ s a good idea to im­ple­ment a few of them your­self rather than pass the task on to oth­ers all the time. Take f eed­back lik e a pr o As much as you’d like to be the only one with feed­back power, you prob­a­bly aren’t. Oth­ers will gi ve you f eed­back as well, which is why you need to learn how to ac cept f eed­back gr aciously.

Lis­ten t o their c om­ments and ask ques­tions; y ou ne ver kno w w hat y ou might learn fr om them. Not ev­ery­one will lis­ten to you, deal with it Un­less you’re the boss or their spouse, chances ar e that not e very­one will al ­ ways im­ple­ment your ideas. Don’t blow up like a loose can­non about it, just let them be.

— Ca­reers24.

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At mee tings, it is im­por­tant t o give f eed­back that is in­sight­ful and w ell thought out, as w ell as re­ceive f eed­back gra­ciously with an open mind.

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