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CAPE T OWN — The S pring­boks will be at W ales in a tight en­counter in Car diff t oday, if l ocal book­mak­ers ar e t o be be­lie ved.

Sports­bet.co.za has pr edicted a six -point vic tory f or the Spring­boks in the cl ash at the Mil­len­nium S ta­dium.

Wales ha ve f ailed t o be at any of the s out­h­ern hemi­spher e’s “Big Thr ee” in their l ast 22 at - tempts and ha ve onl y w on onc e in 27 g ames sinc e W ar­ren Gat­land t ook o ver as c oach in Jan­uary 2008 . Their onl y vic tory came six y ears ag o ag ainst A us­tralia and f ol­low­ing de feats against the W al­la­bies and All Blacks this month, the y ar e de sper­ate t o be at South A frica.

Wales w ere un­luck y t o l ose 31-30 t o the S pring­boks in Nel­spruit e ar­lier this y ear, whil e they als o c ame cl ose t o be at­ing the W al­la­bies a f ew w eeks ag o, los­ing 33-28 . Dur­ing l ast w eek’s match ag ainst the All Bl acks in Cardiff, W ales l ed 16- 15 l ate in the g ame, be fore the All Bl acks ran rio t with thr ee trie s in the last 10 minut es t o win 34- 16.

The S pring­boks and W ales have f aced e ach o ther on 29 oc­ca­sions, with the Bok s win­ning 27 o f tho se. W ales’s onl y vic­tory c ame in Car diff in 1999 , while ther e w as als o a dr aw in 1970.

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